Monday, June 1, 2009

Question of the day

So it's an off-day (boo) And with all the talk about All-star balloting I wanted to pose a question and see what you guys think...

Which Giant(s) at this point in the season do you think deserve to be in the All-star game? I for one think that Molina is making a strong case for his first ever all-star appearance. Not to mention Cain (6-1) and Timmy (4-1) are putting up the numbers to make a case as well. That's my list. Who do you got people?


  1. Cain definitely deserves to go -- I think it was either Schulman or Baggarly who said, "if those two seasons of pitching his guts out and not getting wins didn't drive him insane, then he's definitely got a good head on his shoulders". Timmy's still great, but it's really Cain's spot for me right now.

    That said, I would like Bengie to go, too.

  2. Cain isn't getting enough K's. I know that's not the only stat thats worth anything, but it's the glamor stat, sorry Matt. Benji has been pretty cold lately, but not many NL catchers are any good, so why not?