Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I had no Idea!

A great Article on Espn.com (Jim Caple)Today about Randy Johnson. One fact in here I had no idea about:

"Johnson has been on the mound for 4,091 innings in his career and in left field for one inning. In the final game of the 1993 season, he played left next to center fielder Ken Griffey Jr. Unfortunately, no one hit a ball to him.
"He asked Lou Piniella and Lou said, 'Yeah, go get out there,' and I was like 'Huh?'" Griffey recalls. "I was definitely going to let him have everything. He's out there, I definitely have to see how much ground he can cover. Because they might put him out there again, you never know. He did tell me that he would take all the fly balls up high and I could take the ones down low because he was taller."

This reminds me of the time Noah Lowry took the outfield and Pedro Feliz ended up Catching due to a depleted bench. But Randy Johnson in the outfield? That is a sight to see!

Also Of interesting note. Randy Johnson has thrown over 68,000 pitches in his career! Yikes! Cruise on over to Espn.com and check out the article. It is quite neat!

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