Monday, June 15, 2009

A little perspective!

Okay, it did not look good for a long, long time there. It was the return of The Bad Baron, when we've been seeing a lot of The Good Baron.

But: once we gave the ball over to the bullpen, we only allowed two more runs (dingers off of Miller and Medders) for the rest of the game.

During that time, we scored seven runs. And the guys who were coming off the bench -- Lewis, Whiteside, Ishikawa, flipping Torres! -- were the ones getting on base and scoring. Plus Pablo bringing the heat twice? Awesome.

So there's a bright side to all of this, believe it or not. Starting in the fifth inning, our bullpen allowed one run. Starting in the sixth inning, we scored *seven* runs.

It wasn't enough to win today, but it was enough to show that we aren't going to roll over and take it -- we're going to claw back.

Also, don't hug the panda; he will bite you.

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