Sunday, June 21, 2009

Get your brooms out.

Wow, this is the second Sunday in a row We get to celebrate Broom Day. Even with the 3 game sweep at the hands of the Angel's we took this homestand 6-3. Even with the sweep we are 12-7 in our last 19. Im starting to think that the way this team is playing is no fluke. Some random notes from this homestand:

Pablo Sandoval is getting patient, and oh dear lord it shows. Pablo is batting .338 That is good for SECOND in the NL. This kid is TWENTY-TWO. If he doesent make the All-star roster I will die of an anuerism.

I was personally impressed with the Way Downs played after being called up. He is only batting .250, but he's drawing a lot of walks. He has a .400 OBP. He has a vbery solid approach at the plate and He's patient. I am really intruged by him.

Zito, wow Who knew? I mean he walked the first two guys and then just shut it down. I am thrilled the boys picked him up today and earned the Win.

Brian Wilson is in serious lock-down mode all of a sudden. I am digging it. He has struggled all year coming into a game in a non save situation but man last night he owned the Rangers.. Could he be yet another Giant's all-star candidate?

If Matt Cain does not start The All-star game I call foul. He looked amazing last night. Well let's be honest he has looked amazing all year. You think sabes is talking trade now? I think not.

Speaking of all-stars, I cannot remember any other time in my life where the Giant's had so many Legitmate All-star Candidates. In my honest opinion I count six possibilities: Rowand, Molina, Panda, Lincecum, Cain, and Wilson. Agree? Disagree? comment.

Colorado has won 16 of 17, they are right behind us. What in the world is going on in Denver

Next up, we hit the road. We are in Oakland tomorrow. Sanchez (groan) get's the ball. I gotta believe he's down to his last chance. But that is just my opinion.

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