Monday, June 1, 2009

Off Day Open Thread: 6/1/09

Happy June! We just finished our May over .500, we're heading out to play the Natinals, the Marlins, and the D-backs, then we head on home to host the A's and the Angels.

Found some good posts on the MLB Blackout policy, which tripped up me and Garrett back in the Oregon days. Turns out the majority of Oregon is claimed by both Seattle and the Bay Area teams, if you look at the blackout map, but as anyone in Oregon can tell you, you can't watch the Giants or A's unless they're playing the Mariners, since they're CSN Northwest (and thus, Mariners-only). Technically you're "in the Giants market" and so you can't watch Giants games on MLB TV, even though San Francisco is ten hours away. Bogus. The Dugout covers the stupidity of these blackouts as well.

For all of my groaning about AtBat killing my iPhone's battery, I'm relieved that they allow me to listen to my local team on the radio without blacking me out. (Not wanting to bring in an actual AM radio to the office, I have to listen to KNBR's non-game programming online and the game broadcasts on the iPhone, since KNBR can't rebroadcast MLB games on the internet.)

Anyway, I'd like to hear from out-of-market or in-market or wherever Giants fans today, and how you make it work for you.


  1. I like you, Have the MLB Ap for the Iphone.. However my Iphone is DEAD >< I hope to have it back by Tuesday. That Mlb Ap is pretty freaking sweet though!

  2. I'm considering just taking the dang thing into the Apple store and saying, "dudes, something is not working here, make my battery last longer".

    I contacted MLB about it and I was like, "I have come to the conclusion that your app is killing my phone, FIX IT" and they're like, it's not us! Apple standards mean that our app is not allowed to kill your battery! and I'm like IT IS STILL DYING.

    That said I enjoy the app, I just wish it didn't eat my battery like cake.

  3. The G1 just got a firmware update last week and it is now moar awesome than evar. they did a battery fix and added in video recording but no mlb app so far :(

  4. Dude, I want video recording. I'm sure it's in there somewhere, I just haven't figured it out because MY PHONE DIES EVERY DAY.

  5. My phone manages to die quicker when I run the MLB App as well. I think there is something up with it...