Saturday, July 4, 2009

Talk about a positive day!

That Kaiser Permanente lady says my heart beats 2.5 million times in my life.

They’re all for Timmy.

23 innings not a single run allowed.

No runner allowed past second base for the last 13 innings.

We have outscored the Astro's 22-0 in this series... and we have a game left to play

We are now 8 games over .500 at the halfway point. My friends I have to say we are a healthy ballclub.

Oh yea and one more thing... We have the second best record in the National League!

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  1. I'm pretty pumped about the team, haven't felt like this since the 03 season. Giants have to get another bat and go for it! The National League is weak this year; as long as they can hold off the Rockies, and get into the playoffs, they can beat any team with that rotation